MGM Springfield
MGM Springfield

People. Place. Connection.

Davenport Companies strengthens communities by creating places where people connect — with each other and with their surroundings.

We are developers, investors, advisors, asset managers, and neighborhood stakeholders. We realize aspirations by crafting thoughtful solutions for unique challenges. On behalf of ourselves, our clients, and our host communities, we enhance assets by respecting the surrounding environment and preserving important history.

We Value Community

Our projects bring together people in ways that revitalize neighborhoods, making them better places to live, work, and enjoy. When we invest in a community, we become part of that community.

We Value History

We cherish historical buildings and pay homage to their pasts, while developing for present and future needs.

We Value Sustainability

Environmental impact and sustainability are top-of-mind for every project we develop.

We Value Collaboration

Regardless of the size of the project, we are known for intense community engagement. The best ideas come from open dialogue and direct local input.

SPRINGFIELD -- A Boston company has offered to pay the city $300,000 for seven tax-title downtown lots on Worthington and Winter streets as part of a $13.8 million project for market rate apartments and retail space at the adjacent Willys-Overland building.

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It's a step landlord and developer Charles Irving, president of Davenport Properties, said will help existing businesses and lure new ones to the neighborhood. One criticism of MGM is that it has not, as promised, brought a retail rejuvenation to the surrounding neighborhood.

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SPRINGFIELD - The historic First Spiritualist Church currently on Bliss Street in the city's South End will get a second lease on life as it is relocated on the grounds of the coming MGM Springfield casino.

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